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Offers businesses extensive HR support in recruiting, payroll management, employee benefits administration, and compliance assistance.

What we do?

iWorkforce Solutions offers businesses extensive HR support in recruiting, payroll management, employee benefits administration, and compliance assistance. Often referred to as PEO Services.

This allows our Clients to focus on its core business activities while ensuring efficient and compliant HR operations.

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PEO Benefits

By partnering with a PEO, businesses can benefit from the expertise of HR professionals who can provide guidance on various aspects of operations, including compliance, risk management, and employee relations. 

This can potentially improve business processes and reduce the likelihood of costly errors or legal issues.

Utilizing advanced HR technology platforms provided by PEOs can lead to cost savings ranging from 10% to 30%.

These savings are achieved by streamlining HR processes, reducing manual data entry, eliminating the need for separate software licenses, and improving overall operational efficiency.

PEOs typically provide risk management services, such as safety training, workplace policies, and workers’ compensation administration.

By implementing effective risk management strategies, businesses can minimize the likelihood of workplace accidents, injuries, and related legal issues.

iWorkforce Solutions provides access to advanced HR technology platforms and reporting tools. This allows Our Client’s to streamline HR processes, track employee data, generate reports, and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions for business growth and efficiency.

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How Do We Work With Your Company?

Compliance Management

PEOs can help businesses maintain compliance with employment laws and regulations, potentially resulting in savings ranging from 5% to 20%.

By avoiding penalties, fines, and legal issues associated with non-compliance, businesses can reduce the financial impact of violations.

Payroll Processing


By outsourcing payroll processing to a PEO, businesses may achieve cost savings ranging from 20% to 50% compared to maintaining an
in-house payroll department.

These savings can be attributed to reduced software and technology expenses, staff training, and administrative overhead.

Recruitment and Hiring

Leveraging PEO services for recruitment and hiring processes may result in cost savings ranging from 5% to 15%.

These savings can be attributed to streamlined applicant tracking systems, reduced advertising costs, and improved hiring efficiency.

Training and Development

Investing in employee training and development programs facilitated by PEOs can result in cost savings ranging from 10% to 20%. 

By enhancing employee skills and knowledge, businesses can reduce turnover costs, increase productivity, and avoid potential expenses associated with replacing e mployees.

About us


Established in July 2019, iWorkforce Solutions (iWS) has been a trusted partner for businesses in multiple Industries seeking skilled professionals while executing payroll & benefits administration. iWS believes by placing the needs of our clients at the forefront, we ensure a level of satisfaction that surpasses industry norms.

This involves training and empowering our team to anticipate and exceed customer expectations, while continuously seeking feedback to enhance our service delivery. We create the culture.

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